Women Bee Farmers Association Mead Making

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In September 2014, we started the Jamaica Women Bee Farmers Association.  This organization supports women beekeepers who are interested in making their operations more economically and environmentally sustainable.  So far, we have had monthly trainings that covered Top Bar Hive Management, Colony Health Assessment, Value Added Products and Making Honey Wine.  The trainings are led by volunteer trainers who come through the Partners of the Americas-administered Farmer-to-Farmer program.

The Association has around 70 members, and attendance at the workshops averages about 25.  We are hoping to be able to help all of the members get the skill and information they need to be successful natural and top bar beekeepers!


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  1. wrtlbrmftt says:

    I need to know, what different types of honey are being produced by the bee farmers. Please contact me at “jamaica_sven@yahoo.com”, thanks.

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