Trainer Sam Comfort

This is a long-overdue blog post.  Trainer Sam Comfort, a top bar beekeeper from America, came to Jamaica in September 2013.  We had a month of learning from this really interesting man – Sam has such a unique perspective, it is refreshing and inspirational.  If anyone can inspire people to color outside the lines of conventional beekeeping, it’s Sam.  We got to listen and sing along to Bee Songs, written and performed by Sam.  We got to explore a new hive design, the Comfort Hive.  We got to share our time with Sam with 156 Jamaican beekeepers from all over the island.  Thank you, Sam, for your willingness to clean out an overgrown apiary with a cutlass and hoe, for being so open to the culture and people of Jamaica, and for so generously giving us all a month out of your busy life.  Please take some time and visit Sam’s outrageously interesting and engaging website, Anarchy Apiaries.

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