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Please feel free to contact us at any time by email at or by WhatsApp text message at (876) 343-1121.

We put lots of pictures and news on our Facebook page.

Our physical address is:

Kwao and Agape Adams

Yerba Buena Farm

Strawberry Field

Robins Bay P.A.

St. Mary, Jamaica

West Indies

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  1. CA Diepenbrock says:

    I love your website and I love the name of your farm. And, it is so wonderful to see pics of your dad here as well.
    Hope that all is well with you and your beautiful familly!
    🙂 CatherineAnne

    1. Thank you, CatherineAne! It would be so nice to one day sit and watch our kids playing together at the beach…. Maybe one day, you’ll be able to come to JA. Lots of love, Agape

  2. Nick says:

    Hi I am interested in coming for a short visit in February of 2013. I sent a message on facebook descibing my interest and experience with bees,mushrooms and permaculture. I wanted to know what the best airport to fly into it seems like kingston is closer ? Thanks Nick.

  3. Sista Patricia Cabrera says:

    Greetings Kwao, Agape and Jah children,

    How tings inna Jamaica these days, I pray the family is strong and flourishing.
    This is Sista Patricia hailing from the far shores of Australia. Remembering the wonderfull times spent at the farm and all the Irie vibes.
    I shall be heading for Jamaica in November this year, Give thanks and praises. I will be in touch shortly via phone.

    Jah Love

    Sista P.

    1. Patricia, we can’t wait to see you! Finally, you’re getting back to JA. Give us a call, Patricia: 876-788-5154. Love, Agape

  4. Caroline Padavano says:

    We’d love to stay at your place, please contact me back at with rental rates…. Please

  5. Theresa says:

    Hi, you guys, the website is awesome. I’ve run away from Nov in Vermont and am here with Maya, Eddie and all the Marraros and Burrells. I’ve rented an apartment near the beach and go between there and the family . Just planning to do lots of walking, reading and exercising. I’ll be back east for Xmas and then to Fla for Mom’s 100 birthday ( she’s doing well and still dancing) Thinking of you all with lots of love P>

  6. Hi Yerba Buena Farm! I’m giving you the Liebster Award to help draw more traffic to your blog. I hope you’ll like it! If you’re too busy to participate, I totally understand, but I just want you to know that I really enjoy your blog and want it to grow!

  7. Greetings,
    I have really enjoyed reading about all the wonderful projects happening on the farm. I have much experience with organic farming and would love to spend 3-4 weeks volunteering, assisting with any area where help is needed. Do you host volunteers as well? If you do, is there a fee, accomodation/food costs, etc?( I can bring my tent if need be.) I would be delighted to meet you all and hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Summer Lilley says:

    Do you still offer internships? I am very interested…….

  9. Steve Solomon says:

    Hi, how do I make arrangements to stay at a guest cottage? I’m in Great Bay, St Elizabeth learning Stewardship/Sustainable living. Best, Steve.

    1. Hi Steve,

      You can call us anytime at either 343-1121 or 788-5154. How long will you be in Jamaica?



  11. Brigitta says:

    Hi Kwao and Agape, it`s B. I wanted to invite you and kids for a little get together for Natty Dale`s Memorial next Friday evening at Natural Vibes. There will be a little live Reggae from my Rasta bredrens from Kgn, Bond fire. ect Starts about 7 pm
    PS Agape, your soaps are the best ever!

    1. We’ll be there, B! Thanks for the invite – nuff love, and thanks for organizing this for him. I’m so glad you like the soap!

  12. Love love your farm came across it on the internet…proper natural living..i am in London locked in lol but its all good still…

    1. Thank you! And stay safe!

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