Bees! All Natural and Sustainable, Keeping Bees in Affordable Top Bar Hives…

When we started our work with bees, our interest came out of the fact that our family doesn’t consume cane sugar; we use only honey.  This is expensive!  And we’d heard too many stories about how commercial honey is corrupted with additives, sometimes to the point where the honey bottle you buy in a store might contain no honey at all!

We decided to keep some bees just to provide for our family’s needs.

Somewhere along the line, as we identified as “beekeepers” and joined the community of our peers here in Jamaica, beekeeping stopped being just one of the things we do to increase the quality of food we eat, or to reduce our expenses – beekeeping became a passion and a source of real joy for our family.

Here we are, now: there is no plan for our future that does not, in some way, include bees.  We are working with the bees as both practicing natural beekeepers and as advocates for a method that does more good than harm – for the bees, beekeepers and the consumers of bee products.  Our goal is to help to move beekeeping toward economic and environmental sustainability – both for individual beekeepers and for the industry as a whole.

Along the way, we have to thank the bees for so much: they are endlessly interesting, challenging and productive.  We can never be bored, and will never stop learning.

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  1. Caroline S says:

    What sort of seasons do you have in Jamaica? What months are bees doing what things? I’m super keen on this natural beekeeping internship but would have some planning to do : )

    1. Hi Caroline,

      We have a nectar flow starting from (hopefully) around January to June. This is a best-case scenario. Bees do things in every month of the year, and there is always something to do to support them. If you want to harvest honey, the best months are from Feb. or March to early June. If you can’t make it here during that time, come whenever you can. We are always working with our bees, and through the year, there is no idle time.

      Please ask any questions you have!

      All the best,

  2. Terryl Mairs says:

    Shortly before this Covid came up, I was looking to take a honey bee process farm tour , but I no longer see it on Airbnb. Am interested to learn all about it.

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