Activities and Excursions

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We offer many activities and excursions to our guests, depending on your interests.  Some of them include:

  • a hike to Black Sand Beach and Kwamen Falls with a boat ride back;
  • a seaside toodle in a fishing boat to Port Maria and a tour of the town;
  • a morning or day-long deep-sea fishing trip with a local fisherman;
  • any number of hikes or runs around our area;
  • a trip to the Blue Mountains to visit Old Tavern Coffee Estate, a family run farm that produces the best coffee in Jamaica;
  • a visit to the weekly vegetable market in Annotto Bay, the nearest large town;
  • attendance at a church service – Jamaica has more churches per capita than any country in the world and there are many denominations to choose from;
  • a tour of a local working plantation’s amazing orchid farm – they ship directly to your home if you fall in love with one;
  • a back roads drive up to our hillside farm to pick coconuts, otahiti apples, jackfruit, chocolate, and whatever else is in season;
  • a river hike, climbing mostly in the shallow stream, up the rock face of waterfalls, finding fruit trees along the way;
  • going to a local street dance on a weekend night;
  • getting your hair braided in any style;
  • and so much more!

Here is a video of local guys singing one night up at our shop:

Please click on the logo below to visit Old Tavern Coffee Estate’s Trip Advisor site.  There, you can read reviews written by people who have visited them and enjoyed their coffee:


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