Activities and Excursions

We offer many activities and excursions to our guests, depending on your interests.  Some of them include:

  • wildcrafting local aromatic plants, helping to distill the essential oil and getting a sample of the oil to take home,
  • a hike to Black Sand Beach and Kwamen Falls with a boat ride back;
  • a morning or day-long deep-sea fishing trip with a local fisherman;
  • any number of walks, hikes or runs to beautiful places in our local area;
  • a trip to the Blue Mountains to visit Old Tavern Coffee Estate, a family run farm that produces the best coffee in Jamaica;
  • a visit to the weekly vegetable market in Annotto Bay, the nearest large town;
  • attendance at a church service – Jamaica has more churches per capita than any country in the world and there are many denominations to choose from;
  • a back roads drive up to our hillside farm to pick coconuts, otahiti apples, jackfruit, chocolate, and whatever else is in season;
  • a river hike, climbing mostly in the shallow stream, up the rock face of waterfalls, finding fruit trees along the way;
  • going to a local street dance on a weekend night;
  • getting your hair braided in any style;
  • taking a day trip to Ocho Rios to check out the craft market or Dunns River Falls;
  • and so much more!

Here is a video of local guys singing one night up at our shop:

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