Our Area

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Our village, Strawberry Fields, is in one of the few places on the island where the freeway veers inland, leaving our area of coastline beautifully undeveloped.  We live where the paved road stops and the dirt road begins.  That dirt road soon becomes a track, and then a path, and then….tropical wilderness.

Including tourists, our village has a population of around 100 people at any time, and there are high numbers of kids and Rastas.  It is a fishing, farming and tourist village.

We are in the parish of St. Mary, in the northeastern part of the island, and are around one and a half hours by car from both Kingston to the south and Ocho Rios to the west.  The two nearby large towns of Port Maria and Annotto Bay both boast banks, supermarkets, hospitals, and access to all modern conveniences.

Strawberry Fields has a few shops, some charming guest places, some lovely beaches and real Jamaican day-to-day rural life.

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