The Chicken with the Will to Live

The Chicken with the Will to Live This little chicken was purchased at the farm store by the boys. They wanted to buy a chicken that would be raised for slaughter and let it live a long life. So, White Fowl came to live with us. What a pampered chicken! Then, one day, a mongoose…

Why do we keep distilling Vetiver?

First, bang grass (or Khus Khus, or Vetiver) seems to grow only in the toughest ground imaginable.  In the hot sun, digging these roots out of clay is just too much work.  Then, we have to cut the grass from the root bundles and soak the bundles to loosen the tough soil. We massage, massage,…

New Challenge, New Plants

From November 2016 to November 2017, we did 186 distillations. We are on a roll! We want to distill the oils of 200 local aromatic plant oils. Our small, 5 gallon still is the perfect size for experimentation. It doesn’t take too much energy to collect the amount of plant material it takes to fill…

Summer Intern Danny!

Danny, where are all of my pictures of you?  You were always there, even if it was hard for you.  You stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, distilling when everyone else was in their bed.  You have a totally unique, quirky angle on life that made you a fun and interesting companion….

105 Distillations in 94 Days!

Roots, tree leaves, bush, flowers – we had some disappointing failures (no oil!), and some thrilling bounty (more oil than ever before from a plant, as we learn how best to prepare it for distillation).  This summer was full of challenges, learning, fun and stress.  Biggest lesson learned: we need an electric clipper/shredder so badly!…

Summer Intern Miles!

Miles, you fantastic man!  You are really an amazing person to live and work with.  Always ready to pitch in when the work gets tough.  You are the one who jumps up when everyone else holds back, hoping that someone else will volunteer to do the nasty job of washing a sink full of dishes….

Intern Sarah’s Blog

  Sweet Sarah, we miss you! So open, sensitive, thoughtful and mellow. We enjoyed every moment of your time here. Your insights were a quiet inspiration. Thank you for the gift of your company. Please take a minute to check out Sarah’s blog.

Thank You to 2018 Summer Interns!

Thank you to our 2018 summer interns: Alana, Erin, Sarah, Kyra, Chloe, Danny, Miles and Conner! We managed to do hundreds of bee hours, doing inspections, building equipment and cleaning the apiary.  We also made lotion, soap and tincture.  We worked with pollen, harvested honey, rendered combs, cleaned beeswax and collected propolis. We did 105…

Intern Erin Sullivan’s blog

Summer intern Erin Sullivan has been a joy to live and work with.  Thank you, Erin, for your hard work, cheerful vibes, contagious laugh and great ideas!  We’re happy that we still have three weeks with you to make soap, distill plants, inspect bees and drink a different herbal tea every day!  Click here to…

Nice article in the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper!

The Jamaica Gleaner, the island’s main newspaper, ran a nice two-page spread about us and our soap in the Sunday paper a few weeks ago.  Much thanks to Patrick, the photographer, and to Krysta Anderson, the writer of the article.