Guest Cabins


When Kwao was growing up, his family lived in beautiful bamboo and thatch houses by the sea.  When he went back with his new wife (me) to start a life together, all the old houses were gone.  We decided to build new houses on the foundations of the old houses.  We built one room rock and bamboo houses, each with a porch, its own outdoor cold water shower, free-standing flush toilet and nice private yard. 

All of the guest cabins share the kitchen and dining room building.  A smooth stone walkway connects all the buildings in the yard.  Our sweet little beach is one of many shared with the entire community.

When you stay with us, you are welcome to pick all the fruit you can eat from our fruit trees.  Our whole property is an orchard, and you are almost guaranteed to have a spectacular variety of tropical fruit waiting for you on the kitchen table each morning.

We offer a chance to stay in your own private space on our family farm.  You can experience rural Jamaican life in a way that is safe and comfortable.  Our village is filled with interesting, warm and welcoming people.  Come taste a slice of Jamaican life!

Please check out the pages for each individual cabin, the Top House, the Bottom House and the Flat House. You can also check us out on Airbnb.  Please visit our Trip Advisor page to read reviews written by people who have stayed with us.

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