Our Projects

Some of the boys with a child-sized bio-sand/charcoal water filter, with the wall panel they wattled themselves

Our daily life is full of routine activities: watering the garden, setting out new seeds, cooking for our family, doing basic maintenance in the yard, clearing new land, etc.  As we think about how to improve what we do on our farm, we have ideas that are exciting and that can benefit other farmers on our island and even around the world, in other tropical areas.  Consumed by our day-to-day life, we need help to make these ideas real.  (Please visit our Intern Blogs page to read first hand accounts, written by our farm interns, of their daily life here.)

With the energy and time that our interns devote to making these ideas come into reality, we’ve made great progress.  We’ve found other amazing resources that can bring new skills and information to interested farmers.  Our mission as a family and as a farm is to support environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture in tangible and meaningful ways.  It makes us happy to know that through pursuing our passion, we can have a positive impact on the world.

Looking forward into 2023, I see us continuing to improve our buildings, establishing more apiaries as we double the number of hives that we manage, doing more than 200 distillations and working with 20 new plant oils, playing lots of chess, sailing as much as possible, keeping in line with Natural Law to the best of our ability and improving our health as a family in every way.

Please visit our Natural Pest Protection page , our Essential Oil page and our Top Bar Beekeeping page to see what’s going on here on our farm. 

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