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Megan Langner, a UC Davis student with eight years of Langstroth beekeeping experience, just left for home early this week.  Just home, Megan, and we miss you already.  Megan stayed two weeks longer than the other interns.  She was able to experience the fast paced training-heavy schedule of July, with six interns and Tom, our trainer, and also the less rushed, more personal time with our family when everyone else left for home.  With more time on our hands, we were able to visit another beekeeper’s apiary, where Megan was able to bottle feed an exceptionally cute motherless calf.  We made candles, propolis tincture, read stacks of great bee books, made another hive and accomplished all of her long list of goals for her internship.

Megan, we really enjoyed the time we had with you!  Thank you for all of your hard work, children’s books read-alouds and great conversations.  Please read Megan’s excellent blog here.


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