Thanks to Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Clare Licher

Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Clare Licher came to support our Jamaica Essential Oil Distillation Project.

Around Jamaica

“Around Jamaica”  has a Flickr page with some stunning pictures taken while traveling …around Jamaica.  Here’s the link.

Face Painting!

Claudia Marclay, a guest from Switzerland, is an extremely talented face painter.  She made Jamaican kids happy at a couple of stops around the island, including here at our farm.  Here’s a link to her blog where she describes painting the faces of literally all of our town’s kids.  Claudia stopped at a children’s home…

Jamaica Essential Oil Project on Farmer-to-Farmer Blog

The Partners of the Americas/Farmer-to-Farmer blog Cultivating Change put up a beautiful post about our volunteer trainer Clare Licher’s time here with us in Jamaica.  Please click here to read the post on this website.

Summer 2014 Trainer Tom Hebert

In the summer of 2014, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Tom Hebert came to teach Jamaican beekeepers how to build their own foundation mold.  This frees them from having to pay or trade for commercial foundation.  Tom is an amazing volunteer, as you can see from this list of the results of his time here:   10 different…

Honey Soap!

Yay!  We are making honey soap now.  Why not our normal hemp soap?  Because we are beekeepers, that’s why!  And we just consider the soap to be a value-added product of our beekeeping operation.  And we are happy, and the soap is SOOO nice.  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Robins Bay Bee Club Members Draw BEES! (two years ago…)

Robins Bay Bee Club draws bees at Yerba Buena Farm with Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Tom Hebert When Tom Hebert came two summers ago summer, as a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer, he led a session with the Robins Bay Bee Club.  He presented a slide show of Beekeeping Around the World”, and asked all of the Bee Club kids to…

Goodbye, Intern LaToya!

Goodbye to Yerba Buena Farm Intern LaToya Hey, LaToya, just to let you know – you were a fantastic intern.  You love eating meat, but you signed up to live with a vegan Rasta family, and had no problem adapting to our life.  You are open, warm, funny and so sweet.  Older and wiser than…

Thank you to Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Clare Licher!

Thank you to Farmer to Farmer volunteer Clare Licher Jamaica is blessed with an abundance of essential oil-bearing trees and plants, but the once-thriving local distillation industry died off decades ago. The distillation of essential oils offers local farmers the chance to make use of plant material that is currently unused or wasted, such as…