Robins Bay Bee Club Members Draw BEES! (two years ago…)

Robins Bay Bee Club draws bees at Yerba Buena Farm with Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Tom Hebert

When Tom Hebert came two summers ago summer, as a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer, he led a session with the Robins Bay Bee Club.  He presented a slide show of Beekeeping Around the World”, and asked all of the Bee Club kids to draw some bee pictures for him.  I uploaded some for the slideshow above, and more were featured in a blog posting on the Cultivating Change Farmer-to-Farmer blog  (check it out to see more pictures!).  These kids LOVE bees.

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  1. Ann says:

    I love that the Robins Bay Bee Club is still in existence! Thank you Agape for all of your work keeping things together! I recently got my own top bar hive and am right now sitting in my back yard watching a busy hive of happy bees traveling far and wide in Fort Collins for pollen! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful new passion!!

    1. Lots of love to you, Ann!

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