Summer 2014 Trainer Tom Hebert

In the summer of 2014, Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer Tom Hebert came to teach Jamaican beekeepers how to build their own foundation mold.  This frees them from having to pay or trade for commercial foundation.  Tom is an amazing volunteer, as you can see from this list of the results of his time here:

  •   10 different workshops were held with 9 different bee farmers associations or groups.
  •   20 work days were spent with Yerba Buena Farms, preparing for training sessions and increasing their beekeeping knowledge and skills.
  •   3 bookkeeping for beekeeping workshops.
  •   7 wax foundation mold workshops.
  •   3 appropriate technology bee hives and 1 swarm trap built.
  •   1 display on advantages/disadvantages of tbhs.
  •   3 Power Point slide presentations made.
  •   1 handout produced on building and using a wax foundation mold.
  •   227 participants during 10 workshops.
  •   9 primary recipients of knowledge/skills at Yerba Buena Farms.
  •   143 men and 93 women.
  •   1 Peace Corps volunteer given knowledge of tbhs
  •   1 blog post for Cultivating Change

Thank you so much, Tom!


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