So many essential oil distillations!!

Thanks to the efforts of our summer interns, we have managed to do 39 distillations in 35 days.  It has been really interesting, as we learn something new with each distillation.  We are drawing distillation curves for each new plant (to help future distillers know how long each distillation will take and how much oil they will get at each point in the distillation).  And we are distilling some plants that have never been tested – breaking new ground.  This is fun!  Thank you Erin, Alana, Miles and Conner!

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  1. Kate Williams says:

    Agape and Kwao,

    This is amazing! 39 distillations in 35 days with charted distillation times is great progress for your essential oil project. What will you do with all the hydrosol?!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    Lots of love,


    P.S. I have 2 beehives! I love them ❤


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