Intern Abby Cali is more than serious…


Intern Abby Cali from Oberlin College not only went home from Jamaica to lead a sustainable beekeeping class and create a college top bar hive apiary, she also used her beeswax to create a line of products that was sold in the local farmer’s market.  For anyone in Ohio who needs some nice, all-natural beeswax salve, here’s the information from Abby:

Oberlin Farmers Market (down south main st near the public library), go from 9am-1pm to buy some homemade (by yours truly!) all-natural beeswax hand salve and lip balm! P.S. We also have a few jars of honey left… 😉


For a look at the blog that Abby kept while she was here, please follow this link.  Great job, Abby – we are so proud of you!





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