Summer 2014 with Trainer Tom Hebert

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Tom Hebert, a three-year Farmer-to-Farmer trainer at Yerba Buena Farm, spent July 2014 teaching beekeepers an easy record keeping method and leading Build Your Own Foundation Mold workshops.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to upload the pictures I need to document his time here this past summer.  He visited a Blue Mountain coffee farm and traveled to most of the parishes around the island, leading workshops.  We ask most of our trainers to help us come up with ideas for new materials for hive-building. This year, Tom came up with two: stalks from harvested corn and the midrib of dried banana leaves.  The resulting hives were beautiful!  Tom is curious, humble, diligent, so talented, full of skill, funny, excellent company and a thoughtful teacher.  Thank you for everything, Tom, once again!


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