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Hello, James.  You left a while ago – months and months ago, actually.  Just because I am a lazy blogger doesn’t mean that you weren’t a memorable intern.  You kept me laughing, even when getting stung by bees or bitten by ants.  Diligent, motivated and hard-working, you took care of business and, I hope, left with what you need as you move into your future filled with bees!  To enjoy reading James’ blog, please follow this link.


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  1. James Imbrie says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words! It was a fantastic summer working and learning at the Yerba Buena Farm and I miss everyone, especially the bees. Thank you again for the invaluable education and experience,

    1. James, you are always welcome here! Thanks for the energy you gave us. Let’s stay in touch, James!

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