Nice article on Time Travel Plans website


Time Travel Plans featured our farm on their website a little while ago.  You can read the article here.  This morning, I was chatting with some guests from Holland and another couple from Virginia.  I really hope that they enjoy their time in our little town, and leave having fallen in love with Jamaica.

I felt that while it’s nice to be able to go online, read Trip Advisor reviews of a place and plan your own vacation, sometimes it works better to have a little helping hand.  A vacation is actually an investment, and at the end of your vacation, you want to feel that the investment of time and money paid off.

Here’s this from the Time Travel Plans website:

Time Travel Plans developed out of a longing for purposeful travel. While collecting passport stamps and pictures from faraway, foreign destinations is cool, it’s not the sum total of a trip well-traveled.

The best way to absorb all that a destination has to offer is to give back to the locals and the land, thereby creating unique, life-changing travel experiences that a simple photograph could never fully capture. Plus, all of our itineraries shy away from touristy resorts as we opt for smaller boutique hotels that give travelers a better sense of local life.

Time Travel Plans creates custom itineraries for those looking for volunteer travel opportunities without all of the costly fees. Time Travel Plans incorporates a day or two of volunteering in your travel itinerary, striking the perfect balance between volunteering and enjoying your vacation!

Sounds good to me!  If this little link helps even one person have a more meaningful and enjoyable time as they travel abroad, I’ll be happy!

Good luck to all travelers!


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