We are a family farm in St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies.  On our seaside and hillside farms, we make soap, harvest many varieties of fruit from our trees, grow plantain, bananas and vegetables to feed ourselves and our neighbors, hunt wild aromatic herbs for essential oil distillation and keep bees as sustainably as possible in top bar hives.   We live and promote economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture in one of the world’s most beautiful places!

Welcome to our farm’s website!

We have so many interesting things planned for 2023 and are very excited by the potential of our new projects.  You can visit our Intern Blogs page to read first hand accounts, written by our interns, of daily life here on our farm.  We hope you enjoy our site and visit us again for updates in the months ahead.

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  1. Thomas Huggins says:

    Hello there! My name is Thomas. I am currently a farm apprentice of two years and I am greatly interested in interning on your farm! Please email me to further discuss the possibility of this!

    1. Hello Thomas,

      We still have space available. Please go to the Internships page of our website and fill out an application. This helps us learn more about you and your interests. At any time, you should feel free to call me (Agape) at 876-339-1027.

      Thanks for your interest, Thomas!

    2. Joselo says:

      Hello there, I am Jose , Chilean. Nowadays working in Shanghai China like quality inspector about fruit and vegetables, I was wondering about one intership in your farms, is there any age limits? to apply?

      1. Hello Jose,

        There are no age limits. You are welcome to apply. Please just go onto the Internships tab and find the Intern Application page. The application questions are at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please just send an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

        All the best,

  2. Layla Ghazi says:

    salutations from over the world. informative post I shall return for more.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Sweet website & I LOVE the music video….. what a great song!
    You go kids.

    1. Lizzie, thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you when you come back…

  4. Sasha Dunbar says:

    This has taken me far too long. After visiting Yerba Bueuna months ago, I still remember the whole 2 days in detail- it was the most vivid part of my trip to visit family in Jamaica. I felt alive and at home and I learned so much about the land, the community, and the love. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sasha-
      It’s so nice to hear from you! We’ve seen Leon a couple of times, which is always a treat. Do you have any plans to come back to JA? All the best, Agape and Kwao

  5. Jessica Lewis says:

    Hi, I’m really interested in doing this for summer 2013, will internships be available then?

    1. Hello Jessica,
      Yes, internships will be available then. If you go to our Internships page, you will find the internship application. If you send that in, we can start the process for next summer. Looking forward to talking with you – we’ve gotten lots of great interns from pitzer! All the best, Agape Adams

  6. Ingrid ohansson says:

    “Nice to read your blog and see your photos I was at Strawberry field in may last year hope to come back, Im living in Sweden” …

    1. Thank you! When you come back to Strawberry Field, come see us. Did you come with Marie?

      1. Ingrid Johansson says:

        thanks, no I dont think we come same time, if I come I will come in may, I was to Strawberry two times in may first time we met selassi at mainroad we leaved a taxi he catched the same taxi, world is small, we looked at Maries house and
        Strawberry together but some told us you was not there, I had seen your nice children at photos, hope next time

  7. Phil Smith says:

    Yes May 21 arrive Kingston 1:25 pm. American airline. Have lots of luggage.

  8. Loren White says:

    Hey Gape and Kwao, email me and let me know whats up haven’t heard from you in a while. white_l2@denison.edu

  9. Donna Mason says:


    I am a journalist/photographer interested in doing a story on your business. Please contact me if you have interest.

  10. Denrie Muirhead says:

    Hi Agape and Kwao, it was great meeting you guys. I look forward to more of the informational sessions. The journey down was fun, discovered some routes not to take when coming back.
    The meals and ambiance was delightful, thank you very much.

    1. Denrie, thank you so much for coming! Hope you find the perfect route next time and always have a safe trip. See you next time! Agape

  11. Roy says:

    Good day Agape,

    I’m very interested in becoming a bee keeper. Not sure where to start, I did a research on Google and found your website, I must say very informative. I’m now in need of training, I hope you can help. Here is my email, venroylynch2013@gmail.com, Roy.. Please contact me as I need your help.

    Keep up the good work, and may Jehovah be with you.


  12. Henry Bee says:

    Hi Roy,

    Warm theocratic greetings bro. I sense a connection. Happy hunting…I do believe you are looking in a direction that holds great potentials….and more anon…

  13. yvette from MBFABS says:

    Hi Agape,

    It’s Yvette from Manchester Bee Farmers Association BS, please contact me.

  14. barcards says:

    I am a representative for my friend Mr. Marion Metts of south Carolina he us a 93 year old bee keeper and would like to communicate through me with you we are considering a trip to Jamaica to talk about bees with people who are interested.
    I got your phone number from a below post and if it not long distance I am going to try and call to talk to you.Probably Monday.

    1. That is sounding great Agape.

  15. waleed bin ayub says:

    I have passed my graduation and know wish to do internship in apairies .Do u know any mentor who is going to offer me mentorship .My email id is waleedbiinayub@gmail.com

  16. jason lutz says:

    Hey Agape, We need to talk to you about Our possible trip in February as we need to make plans. Please call me at 802-730-4969. Thank you!

  17. clint foster says:

    Greetings, love your site. I am a farmer who reside in Trelawney and is very much interested in growing strawberries. Would like to know if you have suckers for sale. Please respond.

    Clint Foster

  18. Samantha Bibbon says:

    Hello there! My name is samantha Bibbon. and I am greatly interested in interning on your farm! Please email me to further discuss the possibility of this!

    1. Hello Samantha,

      You are welcome to apply to come as an intern. Please just go onto the Internships tab and find the Intern Application page. The application questions are at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, just email!

      All the best,


  19. Awesome!!!

    Yerbabuena is one of my favorite places in all the world…& my kids never want to leave whenever we visit. Great atmosphere, great ambiance & above all great people. Nuff love & light Agape, mi love di website👍🏾 Namaste.

    1. Thanks, Christine. We love you! Agape

  20. I have interest in possible joint business venture. Using a legal organic Jamaican grown product sold here in the states with proceeds going toward helping common Jamaican start community farms to give Jamaicans more economic stability. 1stly I am not a business man but have a few passions, Jamaica being one of the big ones. I love Jamaican culture, so selfless to the point no one says the word “me”. I have been to the island several times. My goal is to never see a half built house again on the island. Please call me. 978 473 5002-James McMahon

  21. Diane Clyne says:

    I’m Diane friend of your Mom and Sister of Mercy. I’d love to be in touch
    Dclynersm@gmail.com. No caps! In my address
    Diane Clyne

    1. Hi Diane,
      I’ll be in touch soon! Thanks for reaching out.

  22. I’m really glad I stumbled onto this website.

    I really like what you’re doing here. Everything seems to so peaceful and serene … and you seem to be having great time too.

    You have a beautiful family. Please continue to do what you’re doing.


  23. abdulata says:

    there is much possibilities in the things we are given and we should put them to some good use. life is short and we may never get to do them again. and the work is good. keep up the good work. Abdul.

  24. Claude Stephenson says:

    Am really excited and interested in your products, can u give a location in Kingston where ur products are? All the best.

  25. Latoya says:

    Hi, my name is Latoya I read about your soaps in the gleaner today. I live in Montego bay, St James, how can I get the soaps and what’s the price?

  26. Nicolas says:

    We spent a week on the farm at it was a really great experience! Everyone there is SUPER friendly 🙂 We did not go to work on the farm but rather visit Jamaica and we were not diaspointed. The host could organise lots of activities depending on the weather and is always of great help if you have any question! The farm and bedroom we were in were great too! Lots of space and great views of the ocean! We hope to go back there when we visit Jamaica again! 🙂 – Nicolas

  27. Ms Taylor says:

    Can I have info…coming fr London..do you
    Have courses? All info please.

    M. Taylor

    1. Yes, we always have internships available, both for sustainable top bar beekeeping and for essential oil distillation. We are also hosting a series of distillation weekend workshops from now through June. Please just email and let me know your interests.


  28. Jo Ann says:

    This sounds wonderful. I have recently started beekeeping, love the hobby. We have a big garden too. Always have wanted to go to Jamaca, your farm looks so beautiful. Can’t afford to go but maybe someday. Love to see and hear the stories. Thank you

  29. Jacquie says:

    Please advise if you are interested in a Queen Bee for your business. The bees have built a hive in a tree beside my home and we would like them to be removed. Contact me via e-mail as soon as possible j777mcintosh@yahoo.com. J. McIntosh, Stony Hill.

  30. Karen McLaughlin Dacres says:

    Good morning I saw a colleague of my selling your products. I would like to be able to do the same. Please guide me as to how I can start business

    1. Hi! Please send us a text on WhatsApp at 876-343-1121 and we’ll give you all the information

  31. aaron says:

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    We have been producing fungus logs for more than 20 years, and our products are used in more than forty countries. Our products have also been unanimously recognized. We have the world’s largest artificial intelligence factory, with the help of machinery, we can guarantee product quality and quantity. I hope that after you buy&use our products, it can help reduce your costs and increase your profits. Hope it will be helpful to your working production . China qihe biotech.co.Ltd.

    Email: Aaronhou@qihebiotech.com

    WhatsApp&WeChat :+8618661725110

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