2013 Intern Emily Erickson’s Honey Harvest

2013 Intern Emily Erickson is a star!  Here she is, harvesting honey from her top bar hive in California.  Great job, Emily!

Beautiful Hives

One thing we like to do is to always try to improve the hives that we use in our apiaries.  If something is difficult or irritating about inspecting, moving, or using a hive, we make a note of it and change the design of future hives.  The booklet that we give to people, How to…

Trainer Tom’s New Blog

Veteran trainer Tom Hebert, who has volunteered his time with us every July for the past three years, has finally started his own blog: Musings on Beekeeping.  We’re lucky enough to be featured in Tom’s postings regularly, which is fun (especially for our kids).  Please remember to like his blog so that you don’t miss…


Hanna, a summer 2014 intern, just returned to our farm in December for a quick winter visit.  This summer, she worked on a special project, but ended up giving her energy to all sorts of different jobs.  Hanna got to know the people in our town in a very intimate way, doing in-depth interviews toward…

2013 Intern Emily Erickson in Uganda

2013 intern Emily Erickson from UC Davis went to Uganda for over a month in 2014 to teach about top bar hives.  Check out the slideshow for images of two beautifully painted hives.  Emily is a powerhouse of bee energy and talent!


Kaat Byrd (sounds like “Cat Bird”).  This intern’s name gives you a clue to her character: she is unique, really special.  Kaat is curious, open, steady and even sparky, with a bright mind that searches and collects and goes deeply into the nooks and crannies of an experience or an idea.  Living and working with…

Haley’s Blog Posting on Smith College’s Website

Haley’s Blog Posting on Smith College’s Website Our past intern Haley’s blog posting on Smith College’s website made us miss her all the more.  Good luck with all of the amazing things you are bound to do as time goes on, Haley!


Haley Crockett, our wonderful intern from Smith College, is really an amazing young woman.  So energetic and full of positive energy, she made us smile because her happiness was contagious.  She enjoyed every meal so much, we got more pleasure from our food while she was here.  Haley, you made us grateful for things we…

Sista P “Spiritual Vibrations” Radio Show on Stylz FM

Sista P hosted Yerba Buena Farm’s natural beekeeping trainers Les Crowder and Laura Ferguson on her “Spiritual Vibrations” radio show on January 16, 2014. Their interview starts at 2:22 in the video. Thank you, Sista P, for taking the time to bring the issue of natural beekeeping to your listeners!

2013 Intern Emily Erickson’s Top Bar Hive

Emily is amazing. After building hives here in Jamaica, she went home and built her own top bar hive. After installing a package of bees before the summer, she reported that the colony settled in to their new home. Congratulations, Emily! We are very proud of you!  For another look at the blog Emily kept…