Soil Building Internship

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We are surrounded by raw materials.  Banana trees shed dry leaves.  The sea sends sargassum seaweed onto the beach by the truckload.  The bats obligingly donate a bountiful harvest on the floor of the bat cave.  Our sons rake up daily piles of mango and other tree  leaves.  Our kitchen produces endless scraps.  But yet, we have poor soil in our vegetable gardens.

Can you help us with a plan and the infrastructure that will result in the capture and processing of all available raw materials and their transformation into good, healthy compost for our garden?  We are open to any idea.  Do you want to install urine collecting stations around the yard for all males to contribute a nitrogen-rich liquid?  Fine by us.  Do you want to set up a big vat for producing fish emulsion?  Please do. You will definitely have a crowd of interested neighbors checking out the progress of your brew.  If you have been looking for a place where you can experiment with interesting and innovative ideas for soil building, this is it.

Interns will help to care for the garden and will take part in other activities of the farm as part of a 40 work week.  Past interns have helped to make soap, gone to the bamboo forest to gather bamboo for a natural building project, helped to build both cob and brick outdoor ovens, and have cultured the wild yeast that made the bread that was baked in them.

We will do our best to introduce the interns to the town and the people who live here so that the interns can fully experience life in a rural Jamaican town.  Please check out our Internships page, where you can see a slide show with pictures that show more of life here for our interns.  To apply for this internship, please fill out the application and send it to us by email.

We require interns to keep a blog and to write regular blog postings.  If any interesting idea has good results, please help us to document it in booklet form to give to the government agency that provides support to farmers (Rural Agricultural Development Agency).

Resilience is a helpful quality to have in Jamaica, as things do not always work out as you plan, and you must be able to bounce back, adjust and try again without losing your enthusiasm.  Self-motivation is essential, as our normal life on our farm will demand our energy, and you must be able to work independently once given direction.

We are happy to work with any student interested in obtaining credit for their experience with us, and with students who need to get access to funding through their school to participate.  You must contribute $1,500 per month for room and board; this includes housing and three meals a day, lots of snacks and an abundance of fresh fruit.  We recommend a minimum stay of two months, and a maximum stay of one semester or the full summer.

Please contact Agape Adams by email ( or by phone (876-788-5154 or 876-343-1121) for more information.

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